Greyton – Eco Camp

October 26, 2018 – October 28, 2018 all-day
Greyton EcoCamp and Caravan Park

Greyton Camping Weekend

26 to 28 October

Greyton EcoCamp is situated just 3 km outside of Greyton.
This informal site allows campers to chose their own spot where camping sites are on the banks of two rivers under shady pine trees. Fire circles are dotted around the camp while clean ablution facilities offer showers heated by solar panels. The site has internet access.
The resort is solar powered and our colourful bathrooms are warmly lit and the water heated by the power of the sun.
The grey water that comes from the bathrooms is directed towards our gardens so we use only biodegradable products.
We request that you bring your own environmentally friendly personal care and dish washing products, but if you need we do have some available to purchase which cost even less than the non-friendly versions!
We encourage guests to lower their own personal carbon footprint by recycling your waste or even taking it home with you, purchasing one of our R10 long life bags to avoid the use of plastic bags, or even planting a tree to help our replanting scheme.